Meet your

design team.

Whether you’re a homeowner, interior designer or contractor, our experienced team at Design Lighting takes the time to look at your layout and give you the advice you need to design the lighting for your home or project.

Bill Dehaas


Working in the industry has been a natural progression for Bill. At 17, he was already installing light fixtures for a living and, a decade later, he expanded on that when he began selling lights and accessories. Along the way, he gained significant industry knowledge and insight and further refined his dedication to excellence in customer service and support. In 2000, Bill ventured out on his own and established Design Lighting. More than thirty years after he first started in the business, Bill’s passion and commitment are still as strong as ever. While the company keeps him busy, Bill still finds time for travelling and a game of golf now and then.

James Dehaas


James started out in Design Lighting’s warehouse in 2004. Since then, he’s expanded his role to include outside sales. He’s committed to ensuring superior customer service and premium products for the company and knows that positive client relationships play a major role when it comes to customer loyalty and return business. James’ dedication to Design Lighting’s clients is clearly evident in his ability to understand their needs and build their trust. Outside the office, James can be found on the local ice playing hockey. He has a built-in cheering section with his wife and three daughters.

Kandy Vandelden


Kandy is Design Lighting’s technical guru and she is our point person for customer inquiries and assistance. Kandy started in the industry when she was 18 and, since that time, has gained significant experience and industry knowledge. An active follower of design and lighting trends, she has watched the industry evolve over the years. Relationships and trust are important to Kandy, which can be seen through her many repeat customers. This music buff is known for her eclectic tastes and enjoys listening to a variety of musical genres. When not hitting the concert scenes, Kandy can be found cheering her husband on during his latest marathon.

Nick Van Delft


Nick’s sense of style and keen eye for modern design shines through in his design aesthetics. He’ll take the time to sit down with you, get an idea of what you’re looking for and help you push your lighting comfort zones in order to find that perfect fixture. If you’ve got your building plans ready, bring them with you to show Nick so he can start mapping out the ideal lighting layout for your new home. He’s a real pro when it comes to working on multi-family projects, including high-rise, low-rise and townhouses. Nick’s a big thinker and a big doer and you can thank his background for that. He comes from a family of twelve brother and sisters. His first love is his wife, Holly. with hockey and volleyball both a close second.

Shearal Black


Shearal’s eagle eye for design and display has been honed through more than 30 years of experience in the lighting industry. Her expertise has proven to be invaluable on many occasions as she’s helped many an anxious customer navigate their way out of a lighting predicament. When the office closes down at night, it’s not uncommon to find Shearal in the showroom, looking for ways to rearrange displays and feature new fixtures or accessories. Speaking of eagles, these majestic birds are a favorite of Shearal’s, who is undeterred by our Lower Mainland weather when it comes to watching them in action.

Lorna Bradley


Lorna has been with Design Lighting since 2003 after working for a major light bulb company. Her strong focus on service and support have made her a customer favorite over the years. Lorna believes in taking the time to listen and ask the right questions to determine customer needs and lighting function. She loves nothing better than talking with customers to make sure they fully understand the products they’re buying and helping them see that they’re the right fit for what they want to achieve. On her days off, this cheerful grandma can be found spending quality time with her treasured grandchildren.

Jaspreet Kaur


Next to the word “smile” in the dictionary there should be a picture of Jaspreet. Her sunny disposition and positive attitude makes her a true delight to work with. With a bright smile that invites you into our showroom, Jaspreet is ever eager to help you out. She has a passion for customer service and loves helping clients find that beautiful chandelier for their front entry, especially if they love bling as much as she does. Outside of work she likes to spend her time with her husband and listening to music.
Our Company Values

Passion & Experience.

We’ve built our reputation on going the extra mile in meticulous customer service and top quality work amongst the many contractors and professional designers we work with. However, we also welcome the public to our beautiful new showroom, which displays a wide selection of lights by top manufacturers including chandeliers, decorative lighting, bathroom, hallway and bedroom fixtures, track lighting, recessed lighting and landscape lighting.

A Little Of Our Story

Est. 2000

Design Lighting is the only showroom in the Pacific Northwest with an interactive design centre with a full living room, dining room and kitchen right on the floor. We are proud to be locally owned and operated, and to provide quality fixtures at competitive prices. Established in March 2000, Design Lighting has grown to supply lighting throughout Western Canada, Washington State and beyond.