CONTEST + How Starting with a Statement Piece Creates an Enchanting Master Bedroom

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Featuring Designer Carmel Beckman

The power of the right lighting fixture can and should be the launching point for any home renovation. This idea is one that has shaped our upcoming contest See Your Home in a New Light and hopefully your next home renovation.

Design Lighting has worked with many designers over the years and one that stands out is designer and client, Carmel Beckman. Read on as we walk through her recent project and how the power of starting with a great piece became key in creating an enchanting master bedroom.

Carmel Beckman is a local designer that can be found in our stores regularly, and is the principal designer with Beckman Design. Design Lighting has long loved her focus on detail and continues to keep tabs on her projects as she builds her business in the Fraser Valley.  From the start of any project, Carmel knows it is imperative to sit down with clients and discuss the key feeling the home owner is looking for when starting any project. With this highlighted project, the focus was creating a master bedroom with big impact.

At the start of the project Carmel entered the home with a goal of finding ‘the room’ that would create a launching pad for the rest of the renovation. Carmel took the time to take in the sounds of water outside this property and the proximity to the beach when walking through the residence. The home owner cherishes the tranquility and peace of the room, and these elements played a key role in the selection of this property. This launching pad was the inspiration that took focus as the room was designed and an end goal as they moved towards creating a calming and elegant space. But most importantly a space just for ‘her.’

Upon the designers initial walk through, Carmel was taken back by the vaulted ceilings of the home’s master bedroom. As she looked up and took in the height of the room, she were drawn to a sad track lighting feature staring back at her. It was in that moment Carmel knew a statement fixture was needed and would be key in making this space the defining launching point for the rest of the home. This lighting selection embodied the ‘statement’ Carmel wanted to make in this room of ‘understated elegance.’

The distressed antique white finish pulled in the beach vibe Carmel felt without overstating it. Keeping with this inspiration for the room, she selected furniture, wallpaper and bedding that echoed the beautiful curves of this chandelier. It is truly a breath-taking fixture and one that will inspire any Westcoast home renovation.


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Carmel Beckman

Principal Designer at Beckman Design & Co. 

As a designer, I bring to the table, 14 years of financial management experience and over a decade of construction management experience. I work closely with my clients to make sure not only that their renovation falls within their expectations but also within their budget.

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