Lighting Trends 2019

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Okay everyone, here are the top (10) lighting trends of 2019. It is difficult to narrow it down, but here we go. Matte Black is becoming all the rage and white powder-coated metals are wildly popular as well (shocker to hear that white is popular, I know). Brass (real brass that is, not your grandmother’s -or grandfather’s- outdated polished brass) is still a front-runner. Minimalist designs are still very popular. However, some hot trends that we are seeing this year are being splashed with an unexpected twist.

Landscape-Oriented Lighting

We are seeing lighting that is taking a shift, literally. Instead of your classic drop chandelier, we are seeing way more minimalist, landscaped lighting. It fills the room and can make the room appear larger with taller ceilings.

Both White & Colored Marble Bases

Marble accents look like they are here to stay and they are making a strong appearance on table and floor lighting. But the twist this year is that bold colored marble to coming back i.e. Black-green and grey.

Real Brass

Not your 80’s shiny brass, but real and raw brass is on the forefront. Combined with a modern take on vintage-inspired décor, this is personally one of my favorite trends.

Unseen LED lighting

Consumers are trying to save money and becoming more energy-conscious, LED is now being integrated into a lot of fixtures. But now LED lighting is available in a much wider array of temperatures and styles.
Keeping on the minimalist trend, lighting fixtures that are unseen are very hot. The illumination from under-cabinet pot lights, integrated in an LED mirror, or surrounding the base of your kitchen island or bathroom vanity, creates a soothing and sophisticated atmosphere.

Organic Pendant Shades

Texture trends change very frequently, and appearing in lighting fixtures this year. Different variations of “BOHO Glam” come in and out, especially in the summer season. However, instead of your traditional bohemian style, lighting is on board with minimalist natural fiber pendant shades and organically made materials. Biophelia, which is connecting humanity and nature, is inspiring a lot of design trends this year.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Larger than life pendants and chandeliers are making a statement. Still in a minimalist fashion, but very much front and center.

Sculptural Shapes

Lighting is being showcased as a piece of art in and of its own. It can be the stand-alone showstopper as opposed to featuring a large piece of art on the wall.

Vintage Industrial

This has been on the up and up for the last couple years, but now with a much more current edge. We are seeing a lot of matte black as opposed to old or antique bronze.

Globe Lighting

A retro fixture with a twist. Clean milk glass or clear glass with vintage-style LED Edison bulbs, globe lighting is everywhere. You can find it in pendants or in an edgy landscape-orientation as opposed to the more commonly seen cluster.

Acrylic Accents

Acrylic accents create a subtle yet architectural element in design. The transparent acrylic allows an unobstructed view in the room as well as creating visual interest. This would be a fantastic choice for a condo or townhouse with low ceilings.

As you can see, there are plenty of fresh, beautiful styles to choose from. Design Lighting carries all of these and then some. Make an illuminating statement in 2019, you will not regret it.

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