Lighting Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

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Lighting trends rise and fall just as trends do in the fashion industry. Every January we head off to Dallas to one of the largest lighting shows in North America to choose what fixtures and home décor items to bring into our showroom. Here are some of the trends we saw.

Feiss F2958/3SN

Oversized Fixtures

Lighting is so much more than utilitarian. Just changing the size of a fixture can change the dynamic of a room. This January we saw oversized pendants and chandeliers being used where their more traditional mini versions would have been seen in years past. By grouping larger fixtures together, you are creating a huge visual impact and letting the light take center stage.

Tech 700MOMXYS-LED-927

Minimalist LED

Trends tend to be contradictory, and this one is no different. On the opposite end of the spectrum from oversized fixtures, we have minimalist LED. LED technology is allowing fixture designers and manufacturers to create pieces that would never have been possible before. Since LED produces way less heat than traditional halogen and incandescent, LED fixtures do not need the extra space to avoid overheating. These barely there fixtures add bright light and sparkle without impeding sight lines.


Geometric Shapes

With the resurgence of the mid-century modern style, geometric shapes are bursting onto the lighting scene. The clean lines of these fixtures lend themselves to many different design aesthetics. We are also seeing many of these fixtures produces in heavier finishes, creating a more dramatic impact.

Varaluz 271P03GD

Nature Inspired

This last trend brings a little bit of the outdoors in but with a strong departure from the traditional antler chandeliers. Delicate leaf and petal motifs in soft gold finishes feel inspired by nature without taking an actual branch from the back woods.

With all trends, some love them, some hate them. The important thing when choosing your lights is to choose something that speaks to you. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and you will fall in love with your lighting.

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