Lighting Trends 2021

By April 15, 2021 May 12th, 2021 Trends
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Lighting Trends to Know in 2021

Our focus has shifted in 2021 as have the lighting trends. Typically, we are all saving our pennies to get away from the confinement of our homes. And now, with 2020 behind us, we are comfortable to start tackling the projects that have been put on the backburner for a significant amount of time and we are ready to invest in our homes. That bare-bones corner with an outdated lamp, or in my case, a seriously outdated front entry consisting of taupe tile with pink undertones, a bi-fold closet door and a hideously ugly boob light. You know what I am talking about. Those $35 builder-grade perfectly functional but ugly-as-sin flush mount lights. So, what is hot right now?


Organic Materials

The hottest lighting design trends of 2021 consist of organic, natural materials, bare bulbs (although that is already shifting), French farmhouse, modern farmhouse style, textured organic statement lamps, and modern twists on vintage classics. As for finishes, wrought iron is a front runner.

As the world becomes more aware and more educated on how much of a negative impact that man-made materials have on our beautiful Earth, people aspire to include more natural, organic elements in their homes. Wicker, bamboo, and rattan were heavy players last year while macramé and linen are the leaders of natural lighting this year. Macramé in particular, is being popular choice for nurseries. Designers love to add raw materials and texture to spaces which adds a delicate softness to create a more lived-in, welcoming feeling to a room.



Edison Bulbs

Those bare, Edison-style bulbs have not gone anywhere and continue to be a playful focal point while promoting a “chill” social vibe. The vintage vibe is a popular design choice especially for restaurants, pubs, breweries, cafes, and bakeries. Even hair salons have taken to this design trend as this minimalist choice speaks of a nostalgic time and adds an immediate unspoken comfort to the atmosphere of a space. A local hair studio selected multiple single pendants with oversized Edison bulbs as a feature over their wash basins and in the corner of their restrooms.



Enclosed Globes

Contemporary geometric shapes are still on the map. However, we are seeing less boxes and more circles or frames surrounding an opaque glass globe suggesting modern contemporary with a soft nod to a retro vibe. It is the matte black metal punch contrasting the soft white globe that truly jazzes up the room.





There are many different sub-design styles within the concept of “Farmhouse”. There is rustic farmhouse (which was a top trend in 2019), industrial farmhouse (again, a hot trend in 2019), modern farmhouse (2020-2021), French country farmhouse (resurfaced later in 2020-2021), but there is also this new relaxed Southern California modern farmhouse. How can one style have so many different takes on it and what is the difference? I love this category for many reasons, but mainly because it embodies so much personality! It is finally a design trend that you can decorate your home and make it look “Instagram-worthy” while feeling comfortable and able to breathe and live in it at the same time. There is so much functionality here and so much room to play and stretch the style. I was not a fan of farmhouse before, but this has become one of my absolute favorite design categories and trends.


Southern California Modern Farmhouse

Think Studio McGee and that should say it all. There is so much texture and warmth and elegance, and intent in every aspect of this design style. Again, this can have many avenues. Some styles within this umbrella may be much more relaxed with a bohemian vibe to it, others may speak to more of a “Restoration Hardware” style. All of the styles within this blog would work with this trend. Tan or terracotta leathers and clay or pottery, linens, rattan, white or oat coloured furniture, all of the black accents and objects of interest and olive trees if you can keep them alive!

French Farmhouse

Think Monika Hibbs and her lovely home. French Farmhouse is one of those timeless trends that is relaxed sophistication. Who wouldn’t dream of living in the French countryside eating baguettes and brie while drinking their local wine all day? Oversized pendants, minimalist chandeliers, elegant sconces (not scones); all the lighting one could love and wish for in their home. White glass, linen shades or bare bulbs, burnished brass accents or wrought iron finishes. The French countryside is all about warmth and texture and undoubtedly stands the test of time. The lighting shines through this trend and brings the pop of personality to the room. The colour palette usually consists of soft pastels and neutrals, but the lighting is the jewelry that elevates ties the outfit together


Modern Farmhouse

Matte black finishes are a must if you are doing a “modern farmhouse” feel in your home. We are seeing candle-style chandeliers in either iron or matte black, various style pendants in black finishes with clear glass or a solid shade, drum shades for hallways with matte black and linen finishes, black lanterns pendant style chandeliers for entryways and for bathrooms, again, matte black finishes with clear glass and Edison-style bulbs. Linear style chandeliers are still popular for dining tables, however, a new way to light a dining table has come about. Multiple over-sized pendants, or two mid-size chandeliers depending on the length of your table.





Table Lamps

Another huge hit this past year is table lamps. It is such a quick and easy update that can transform a room and give it that much needed refresh. We are seeing a TON of lamps with raw and natural materials. A lot of iron, stone, cement, and pottery finishes. One color is not currently trending over the other, but statement lamps are a definite design trend in 2021. They are an effective way to give personality and design interest to an entry way console table as well as provide lovely, welcoming ambient light in an entryway (even if we are only welcoming ourselves home these days). It never hurts to prep your home for the days of entertaining to come and then really surprise and wow your guests with your Covid Home Renovation.


Lighting Trends 2021

This of course, is a limited selection of what is trending. But if we were to sum it up, the hot word here is modern farmhouse. This can encompass a huge variety of channels within this one style. So don’t shy away from this trend word. The great thing about this style is that most of these design elements can be incorporated into your home, in your way. If you are struggling to narrow down your selection or are unsure of the flow of your choices, book an appointment with one of our lighting specialists. They can help guide you in the right direction and help provide flow and consistency of style throughout your home.