Lighting Trends 2020

By February 14, 2020 April 13th, 2021 Trends
Geometric Chandelier

Lighting Trends to Know in 2020

 In this latest blog, I am going to share some of the latest home lighting trends that are very hot for interior design in 2020. Some we started to see last year but now with a new and improved look. while others are totally original. I will go more in depth about specific spaces in the home such as the dining room or bathroom lighting and what is trending for each of those, but for now I will be going into hottest lighting trends in 2020.

So here is what we are seeing and what we can expect to see a lot more of…

Matte Black

Matte Black. This started to make a comeback in 2019 but has been gaining momentum and now we are seeing it everywhere! I for one, am loving it. It is a renewed favorite neutral, adding an edgy punch to what can be, an otherwise basic room.

My favorite color palette is black, charcoal grey, and oatmeal. Not too yellow, not too white. And not the “greige” that was all the rage last year, but a very clean and organic neutral. I do love white, but in my home I feel as though it can be too sterile for everyday living. That and I have kids, so white wouldn’t stay white for very long! 

Clear Pendants

Clear Pendants. Clear pendant lights are also making a bold statement despite their opaque nature. Also, they are like chameleons. With hints of vintage, traditional, industrial, and rustic all wrapped up into a simple glass shade. It is amazing how many different spaces a clear glass shaded pendant can work with. I particularly love how fluid and timeless they are. Depending on the finish of glass, it can add a little sparkle and dazzle in just the right amounts without being “blingy.”

Geometric Chandeliers

Geometric Chandeliers. Strong geometric shapes and sharp lines are on top again. Fitting into contemporary spaces, or even throwing them into a traditional space, it is amazing how it can transform the way your room feels. It might give a traditional design a fierce, modern twist or it might compliment an already modern and contemporary room by reinforcing linear lines.

However you choose to accent is up to you, but don’t let their structure be intimidating and put you off. It is amazing how a geometric piece can add the right amount a sass to a basic room.

Organic Pendants

Organic Pendants. Organic textures were creeping in last season but have now taken over. Placing an importance of generating less plastic, manufacturers are attempting to use natural, organic materials in every possible way. Wicker is all the rage these days adding a whole new layer to “boho vibes.” Bamboo fixtures are also making a playful return. Natural material brings a softness and a warmth to make any space feel homey and comfortable.  

Refined Industrial

Refined Industrial. Industrial and vintage lighting has been in for a few years, however, now it is being recreated with a little more elegance about it. Bringing in vintage flare but keeping on trend without being too masculine.

Knurled accents really give off that industrial and commercial feel, while the warmth of brass brings that touch of grace and elegance. Think “beauty and the beast.” They made an odd yet intriguing pair, right? Same concept here.

Your Style

Your home is an extension of you and your style. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to decor trends, unless you pick white. Or any of the fifty shades of grey. Or black. Just kidding, neutrals are very powerful and have very unique ways of softening the look of a space or throwing a powerful punch. Lights can blend in or stand out, it is totally up to you. That is the beauty about having your own sense of style.

Lighting is more than just the simple practicality of illuminating a room. Light fixtures should be treated more like part of focal point in home decor. You could even go so far as to say lighting is art. They are, after all, the jewelry of the home and with so many lighting options, you can absolutely create whatever wow statement you want.