Light and Wellness

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Benefits of LED

Light is a new “all-natural ingredient” for health and wellness. Artificial lighting systems act like vitamins for circadian rhythm. We have daily cycles of natural light which is critical for synchronizing hormone cycles that regulate our energy, metabolism, mood, sleep, and overall health/well-being. Light and wellness go hand in hand.

LED light color temperature (blue) increases energy, mood and vitality throughout the day. Whereas the warmer colors which help stimulate the production of melatonin in the body, allowing our bodies to physically and mentally relax which promotes a deeper sleep.

LED lighting is non-toxic (no mercury) and has a very low carbon emission which ultimately reduces your carbon footprint. LED does not emit UV radiation which means it is safe for close proximity, however, an overexposure of blue light takes a toll on our eyes. Because blue light travels right in to the retina, it can really damage the light-sensitive cells within the retina.

Although blue light helps aid in productivity, which is a great thing for the office, it can take a toll on our eyes. SO, to keep our eye-health in check, there is special lens that you can add to prescription eye glasses that filters out blue light. Which is an amazing idea for those of us in front of a screen all day!

Light/Skin Therapy

Enough of our eyes, what about our skin? Too much blue light may be harmful to our eyes, but it does wonders for our skin! Because LED does not emit any UV radiation, it is safe to come into contact with it and therefore, it has become a front runner in the beauty world. Blue light kills bacteria that causes acne and red light stimulates collagen production and helps speed up skin’s natural healing process. Red light attacks fine lines and wrinkles by producing a firmer, plumper and more youthful look.  

Joanna Vargas, a celebrity facialist explains how an LED facial “works for acne, acne scars, building collagen and making the skin healthier in general. However, it’s also handy when we do peels in the office because it calms inflammation and makes the skin look perfect quickly.”

Who knew that light technology could provide us with so many health and beauty benefits? Energy efficent and a beautifying tool. Who knew?

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