Fall Lighting & Decorating Ideas

By October 11, 2019 November 16th, 2019 news

Cozy Up to Fall

Summer is officially over and we are welcoming the returning fall season with open arms (or at least I am). And it’s not because it’s “pumpkin spice” season (which I actually do not care for whatsoever), but it has simply always been one of my most looked-forward to seasons. The warm golden hues, crisp air, comfort food, football and of course, Thanksgiving and Halloween. The turn of the seasons also means that I get to turn over the home decor. I love to get season-ready by redecorating my home. I bring out all of the fake pumpkins, the amber leaves across the table, and a candle-flooded fireplace mantel. I also turn my lamps on for the first time in months and remember that they actually serve a purpose. The glowing light from the lamps, the fireplace and the candles really set the stage for my autumn comfort. So here are some fall lighting ideas to enhance your home decor.

LED Vintage Bulbs

LED Vintage Bulb
LED Vintage Light Bulb

If you do not have a fireplace, one way you can really get your home fall-ready is to introduce warmer color temperatures indoors by the way of mimicking the warm lighting of a fire. Using warmer temperature light bulbs inspires that cozy feel in the same way that a candle or fireplace would which also plays into our health as yellow light naturally calms our body. Warm whites can mimic the gorgeous fall colors outside indoors. And, since your lights will be turned on for longer periods of time as the days shorten and night comes earlier, by opting for an LED bulb, not only will you get a lot more use out of the light bulb itself due to its long life span but it will also save you a noticeable amount money in the long run. SATCO has come out with gorgeous vintage-inspired LED light bulbs which add much more intrigue than your typical frosted incandescent bulb.

LED Lanterns

LED Outdoor Lantern
Kichler outdoor LED bluetooth lantern

LED Portable Bluetooth Lanterns are also another amazing option. These lanterns are dimmable led, damp-rated and worry-free. There are no hazards with kids wanting to touch them with the risk of burning themselves or tripping up your porch steps in their Halloween costumes. You do not have to worry about remembering to blow the candles out. They also are great for portable landscape lighting so your dinner guests won’t lose their footing during the dark fall evenings. Because most of these outdoor/indoor lanterns are made out of aluminum they will not rust so there is no need to rush out to pull them indoors if it starts to rain. The speakers on them are quite substantial as well, perfect for a warm Thanksgiving welcome or a spooky Halloween playlist. 

LED String Lights

LED String Lights
LED string Lights
LED Edison String Lights
Outdoor LED Edison String Lights

Edison-style string lights have been a huge hit over the last couple of years. Making appearances on rooftop decks, backyard gazebos, even weddings and garden parties use these practical and pretty accent lights. These charming little chameleons adapt so well to whatever stage you put them on. They can be modern, rustic, vintage, or whimsical and romantic. During the holidays these string lights certainly set the stage for warmth and cheer with a starry twinkle in the backyard or along your banister indoors. Lights play such a key role in major holidays so why not make the most of them throughout the fall and winter?

Leaving home in the dark and getting home in the dark, we have no choice but to turn our lights on while we are at home. Why not make the switch over to LED decorative lights to keep the cost down and savings up all the while incorporating seasonal style?

So those are just a few humble yet powerful ways to get your home ready for the holidays ahead. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving this long weekend.

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