How to Select Your Outdoor Lighting

Don't know where to start? Our lighting specialists have put together some bright ideas and illuminating thought to help get you started. Would you like to speak directly with our specialists?

Outdoor Lighting

Where do you start?

If you are building or completely redoing your exterior, there are a lot of boxes to check when it comes to planning your outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is actually pretty straight forward, especially with the checklist and guide we have laid out for you to use. This is a great starting point, and from there, we are always here to go over your plans with you to ensure that you are selecting the right amount of lights and that they are the perfect lighting for your project. Outdoor lights serve three main purposes:
1. To highlight your landscape
2. To highlight the architecture of your home
3. Security and safety

And with the help of KICHLER, we have created a great checklist for your reference when you start planning your project. It will go through proportions, damp/wet rated/ security lights, etc.

Are you remodeling or in the middle of a new build?

If you are simply upgrading your existing lighting, then we would suggest you contact one of our specialists to help you. Existing housing for soffit lighting and how your home is wired for landscape lighting may limit the options you have. But honestly, that just makes it easier to narrow down for you! So bring it what you know or book a consultation with one of our specialists and we would be more than happy to visit your site!

Exterior Lighting
The different types of


Wet Rated Recessed Lighting
Front Door
1 or 2 Large Wall-Mounted Unit
Front Porch: Single Story
Outdoor Ceiling Flush-Mount/Semi-Flush mount or Mini Pendant and step lighting
Front Porch: Multi-Story
Outdoor Pendant or Chandelier and step lighting
Front Porch: Multi-Story
2nd or 3rd Largest Size Wall Mounted Light
Secondary or Side Entrance
2nd or 3rd Largest Size Wall Mounted Light (you could use a security light here)
Rear Door
Small Wall Mounted Light (you could use a security light)
Post or Pier
Outdoor Post Mounted Light
Back Deck
Step Lighting, Path Lighting, Deck Lighting
Front & Back Yard
Step Lighting, Path Lighting, Deck Lighting
General Lighting (for a porch or covered deck area)
Outdoor Chandelier or Outdoor Fan
Task Lighting
Outdoor Pendant or Chandelier
Accent Lighting
Portable Outdoor LED Bluetooth Lantern and/or deck lighting and/or landscape lighting


  • covered outdoor spaces i.e. patio/porch
  • cannot be directly exposed to water, even in a storm



  • can be directly exposed to direct precipitation 
Let's talk

decorative exterior lighting

The exterior of your home is like the cover of a book but we all would prefer that it speaks of what is on the inside. Whether you are in the midst of a new build, or you want some lipstick slapped on your home to dress her up, there are TONS of options to choose from. Personal style really comes to play here and few very popular styles trending right now are industrial farmhouse, modern farmhouse, and coastal. Depending on your style, consider outdoor chandeliers, pendants, wall mounts, path lighting, etc. Keep in mind that ALL fixtures that are installed outdoors should be at LEAST damp-rated if not wet rated. The space and location will dictate which one is required.

Outdoor Pendants
Should I consider


Landscape lighting is so important! It is designed to highlight the architecture of the exterior of your home and draw attention to the areas that you want to people to see at night. It highlights the beautiful landscaping that you put so much effort into designing. It also deters robbers from breaking and entering with motion-sensor lighting. It also serves as a guide in the dark. You would hate to have guests over for dinner and they cannot safely find their way to your front door or through to your backyard. It is easy to forget about something so simple, but path lighting is very important and also serves as lovely accent lighting in the evening when you are unwinding and enjoying a glass of wine is your outdoor oasis.

Step Lighting