How to Select Your Lighting Controls

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Lighting Controls

Where do you start?

Lights play such a vital role in your home. They provide a fundamental purpose but their impact is transforming. They set the stage, create a mood, and evoke an emotion. And lighting controls actually play a huge part in this. Lighting controls are often overlooked, but they complete the design. They can take a room from daylight bright, to an evening of romance or serenity.

Are you remodeling or in the middle of a new build?

If you are remodeling, you will not regret upgrading your switches to the beautiful legrand or Lutron controls.You have spent all of this money upgrading your home, why not complete the look with beautiful switches and seamless cover plates? Do you really want a standard switch with screws disrupting your beautiful marble slab backsplash? Or your quartz waterfall island? Definitely not! Not to mention the ease and function they play in the home. Dimmers, sensor switches, timer switches, SMART home switches and more. Continue reading to find out the importance of each and what rooms they correspond to.

Legrand offers many different innovative types of switches and outlets to suit your style and preference.The way it works is you select the switch and/or outlet in the finish that you like (gloss white, magnesium, or graphite) that you want and personalize and customize this however you like! Then you select the corresponding wall plate to finish and complete the look. They offer dozens of different colors and finishes to accent your personal style. You can make them seemless and blend in, or you can make them pop with a bold-colored wall plate. It is completely up to you!

Wall Switches
The different types of


Switches, Dimmers, Sensor-Switches

There are so many different types of switches that you can select from your home. Our showroom has an interactive display so that you may see how these switches look and feel. Your options for switches are: Standard Paddle Switches, Softap Switches, Wave Switches, Touch Switches, Whisper Switches. Visit our showroom to see how you can make a beautiful switch with our Legrand Switches and Outlets.

Dimmer Switches

Rooms that benefit from Dimmer Switches are:

Dimmer switches are such a beautiful thing. They instantly transform a space to fit the mood-or to create one! These are an elegant way to transform your lighting and create multiple functions and roles for your lights.

  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Living Room
  • Great Room
  • Theatre/Media Room
  • Master Bedroom
  • Master Ensuite
  • Powder Room

Sensor Switches

These are amazing for those family members that can never remember to turn off the lights. The auto on/off is pretty straight forward. Automatically turns the light on as soon as it detects you are entering the room and automatically turns off as you leave. What is great about the manual on/auto off switch is that you don’t always need the lights to turn on, but not having to turn them off is a wonderful thing.

  • Pantries with no windows
  • Bathrooms/Powder Rooms with no windows
  • Basements
  • Wine Cellars
  • Dark Hallways
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Closets

Timer Switches

These are amazing for those family members that can never remember to turn off the lights or the fan! The manual on/timed-off is pretty straight forward. It allows you to manually turn on the light or device (such as a bathroom fan) on as you need but then automatically turns off after a certain amount of time. This is a HUGE energy saver because believe it or not, something so small as a bathroom fan sucks up a lot of energy. So late at night you need a shower, but you know you need to turn the fan on, you do not have to get up later to turn that switch off.

  • Bathrooms
  • Bathroom Fan Switches
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electrical outlets

Technology has crept into our lives and we completely rely on it for everyday items. Your coffee maker in the morning, toaster, blowdryer, and of course, your phone. Don’t you love when you stay in a nice hotel room and they have those extremely convenient USB outlets for those times when you forget your charger block? We have those! We have every kind of outlet that would suit your needs. Different styles of USB outlets, clean Pop-Out outlets, and Wi-Fi ready outlets and more.

outlet and phone charger
WiFi Switch
Should I consider


Why over-complicate things with SMART switches?
1. Added Security – You can set up time lighting sequences and routines for when you are away
2. Vacation Mode – The hub can remember your past week’s home lighting activities and repeat those for when you are away.
3. Energy Saving – You can always check if you remembered to turn your lights off. You can do this anywhere at anytime.
4. Customized Settings – Set your personal light routines to wake up when you do and turn on when you leave the house. You can also set them up so that when you are a certain distance away from your home, specific lights will turn on for your arrival.
5. They still work the old fashioned way – In case your wifi is down or you have a non-tech savvy house sitter, your lighting controls will still function they way a basic switch would.
Check out their switches, dimmers, outlets, and more.