How to Choose the Right Chandelier

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How to choose the right one.

How do you determine what kind of chandelier your room requires? The size? The amount of light? The shape? This guide will help you figure how to find a chandelier that will work perfectly for your space.

Linear Dining Room Chandelier
A Foyer Chandelier


For Real Estate the key is always location, location, location. For lighting, yes location is extremely important. That goes without saying. But choosing your fixture starts with proportion, proportion, proportion! Start by adding the length of your foyer to the width of your foyer. That will give you the minimum diameter for the size of the chandelier that will best fit your space.

For a dining room chandelier,

The best way to gauge the size of your chandelier is this formula: half of the length of your dining room table. This determines the minimum diameter or length of a chandelier. Diameter if it is round/square, length if it is linear. If you have an over-sized dining table with high ceilings, a linear chandelier can be up to 2/3 the length of the table. Again, proportion, proportion, proportion.

A Foyer Chandelier

How to Hang Your Chandelier.

Your fixture should be hung a minimum 7-7.5’ from the floor. For higher ceilings, you want your fixture to hang 8’ from the floor. If you have a 1.5 story foyers, you want to ensure that your fixture is in line. If you have a 2-story foyer, you want to make sure that your chandelier is either in line with window, and hung at the same level as the second floor.

For a dining room fixture,

For standard 8’ ceilings, your chandelier should hang 30” above the top of your dining table. For higher ceilings, your fixture should hang 33-36” from the tabletop.

Mini Chandelier
how bright

How many lumens do I need?

For your dining room, measure the length and width of the room. Multiply that by 10 foot candles and also multiply that measurement by 20 foot candles.
For example, if your dining room is 10’ by 20’ your formula(s) will look like this:
(10x20) x 10 foot candles = 1200 lumens
(10x20) x20 foot candles = 2400 lumens
This means that ideally, you need between 1200 and 2400 lumens. Take into account though, that your chandelier does not have to supply all of those lumens itself. This would apply if your dining room is wired for one fixture. If you have recessed lighting or wall sconces in your dining room, those count towards your total lumens. But do you really want 2400 lumens shining in your dining room at all times?