How to Select Your Bathroom Lighting

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Vanity Lighting

Where do you start?

Lighting is key in every room – especially the bathroom. Makeup application, shaving, etc. A lot of tasks are performed in the bathroom. But the same rules apply for the bathroom as the kitchen –ambient, task, and accent lighting. The more you can layer your light the better. Obviously you do not want to overwhelm a small bathroom, but the layers of light create a luxury that you will appreciate every day.
It is the first place you see yourself in the morning and the last at night; you want your lighting to flatter your face.

Are you remodeling or in the middle of a new build?

Are your Remodeling? Where do you begin?
Having trouble defining your style and narrowing down what you want your kitchen to look and feel like? Book a consultation with our lighting specialists to guide you! Bring plans, drawings, and/or pictures from Pinterest with your inspiration and let us nourish those ideas to life. Or come down into our showroom to gather some more inspiration.

Bathroom Lighting
What kinds of light do I need


This is your consistent and even blanket layer of lighting. Recessed or a flush mounts. Then it is your task lighting – your vanity lighting. Either an overhead vanity light, which serves as both general and task depending on the amount of lumens that it delivers, or wall sconces. Again, the size of your bathroom will determine how many lumens your bathroom requires. Your task
For small bathrooms you do want to keep a clean and minimal aesthetic with maximum performance. Your only option may be a single vanity light BUT if you can make it work, sconces still are a great way to go. You can do an LED integrated mirror. Although it is more expensive, the quality of the light is beautiful.
Task lighting would then be your wall sconces or vanity light. Pendants also have become a trend in bathrooms, however you do need to be careful that they deliver light in the way you need it to. You don’t want light focusing down on your countertop or in between your toilet and bathroom vanity. That is not what needs the light, nor is that what you want to highlight in the bathroom.
Accent lighting of course, would then be your under-cabinet lighting. Near the base of your bathroom vanity, putting LED tape lighting is such a nice feature. It acts like a glowing guide in the middle of the night when you’re still half asleep, so there is no need to turn on the lights and fully wake yourself up. In addition to that, you can put these on a sensor switch so that they automatically turn on and off when you enter or exit the bathroom. Furthermore, you can install Wifi LED tape lighting kits that you can set routines to!

Layer 1


Layer 2


Layer 3


How do I determine

how BRIGHT I need my bathroom to be?

How many lumens does my kitchen need?
For higher ceilings, as long as you have the minimum height for clearance, aesthetics can come into play. Although if you hang it too high, the fan will have to work harder to push the air down and the air efficiency becomes weaker.Your kitchen requires a minimum of 3,000-4,000 lumens.

Generally, your rule of thumb is:
Kitchen (general) 30-40 foot candles x the square footage in your home
Kitchen Stove 70-80 foot candles x the square footage in your home
Kitchen Sink 70-80 foot candles x the square footage in your home

However, there are other factors that may increase/decrease this. Are your ceilings greater than 8 feet? Do you have an open concept floor plan? How much natural light do you have? This is why it is best to consult an expert to help guide you through this decision-making process.

Bathroom Wall Sconces
Powder Room
What about


The rules of lighting change drastically with a powder room. Essentially, the powder room is all about the mood. You want to provide a great experience for guests so you want to focus on providing soft flattering light. Think of two candles illuminating their face at eye level. The most flattering way to light the face is for it to be evenly lit from two wall sconces flanking either side of the mirror. Beautiful wall sconces flanking the mirror would be ideal, or even two mini pendants.
Something to take a note of though if you are considering pendants, is to be aware of where the light will be casting. Is it focusing down onto your countertop? Is it giving a little glow? Is it glaring into your sight line and blinding your guests?? You may love the look, but consider the function and how you want the light to cast and shine.

Should I consider

lighting controls?

Always consider upgrading your lighting controls for your bathroom. Do you have kids? Does your partner always forget to turn the lights off? Do you forget to turn the lights off? Do you want to create a tranquil, spa-like feel for your hour of piece? There are so many options for you that look beautiful and save energy and ultimately save you money. For bathrooms, we recommend a sensor switch (auto on/auto off, or manual on/auto off) and timer switch for the fan in your bathroom (which you wouldn’t think that this consumes a lot of energy, but it does).

Head over to our Lighting Controls Guide for more information.