The world of lighting can be intimidating if you don’t know where to start, so, let us help you discover what best suits your needs. For instance, our showroom features over 3000 fixtures on display and as a result, can be overwhelming. However, we have expert staff to make it much easier to navigate through our showroom.

Don’t have the time to come in? That’s okay! We have an online portfolio available or feel free to shop our website.

Why You Should Layer Your Lighting

Why Should You Layer Your Lighting? Creating the perfect mood in a room is often thought to be in the décor of the home. But furniture, pretty pillows and throw […]

Light and Wellness

Benefits of LED Light is a new “all-natural ingredient” for health and wellness. Artificial lighting systems act like vitamins for circadian rhythm. We have daily cycles of natural light which […]


#SUMMERBREEZE19 Thinking of a way to stay cool this summer? Come check out our Fan Sale and use the code #SUMMERBREEZE19 and receive 25% off all fans throughout June. I […]

Father’s Day 2019

With Father’s Day around the corner, we have put together a little gift guide to celebrate the men in your life. For the Tech Junky For the “techy” in your […]

LED | Feeding Our Future

LED and Hydroponics We are all very well aware that our world climate is changing rapidly and we have mankind to thank for that. Global warming is closer than ever […]

Lighting Trends 2019

Okay everyone, here are the top (10) lighting trends of 2019. It is difficult to narrow it down, but here we go. Matte Black is becoming all the rage and […]

When my husband and I were having our house built, I looked around in various lighting stores before discovering Design Lighting. Their pricing was very good, their service was excellent, and the staff knowledge was incredible.

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