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Ceiling Fan FAQ’s

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Navigating Ceiling Fans: It’s that time of year again when the summer heat is turning up but you want your house to stay cool. We have a list of some frequently asked questions when considering or shopping for a ceiling fan. Below is a series of frequently asked questions to help you understand what it is that you and your home require out of a ceiling fan. These key considerations will help you make an informed decision about the fan…

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Working From Home

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“Business as usual” should be “business gets creative” – Elizabeth Fazzare People’s lives have been completely turned upside down and inside out. Moms, Dads, children, young adults, teachers, men, women, and everyone else. Navigating through this time of uncertainty and fear is challenging. Not one person isn’t having to step up these days. Fortunately, in our world of technology, our ability to continue with “business as usual” is possible. We just have to inject some creativity and self-discipline into the…

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Geometric Chandelier

Lighting Trends 2020

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Lighting Trends to Know in 2020  In this latest blog, I am going to share some of the latest home lighting trends that are very hot for interior design in 2020. Some we started to see last year but now with a new and improved look. while others are totally original. I will go more in depth about specific spaces in the home such as the dining room or bathroom lighting and what is trending for each of those, but…

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Fall Lighting & Decorating Ideas

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Cozy Up to Fall Summer is officially over and we are welcoming the returning fall season with open arms (or at least I am). And it’s not because it’s “pumpkin spice” season (which I actually do not care for whatsoever), but it has simply always been one of my most looked-forward to seasons. The warm golden hues, crisp air, comfort food, football and of course, Thanksgiving and Halloween. The turn of the seasons also means that I get to turn…

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Why You Should Layer Your Lighting

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Why Should You Layer Your Lighting? Creating the perfect mood in a room is often thought to be in the décor of the home. But furniture, pretty pillows and throw blankets are not the only way to please one’s eye. What is the number one thing we do to create a serene, relaxed or romantic setting? We light candles. What do we do when we need to get something accomplished at home? We turn on the brighter lights. When we…

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Light and Wellness

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Benefits of LED Light is a new “all-natural ingredient” for health and wellness. Artificial lighting systems act like vitamins for circadian rhythm. We have daily cycles of natural light which is critical for synchronizing hormone cycles that regulate our energy, metabolism, mood, sleep, and overall health/well-being. Light and wellness go hand in hand. LED light color temperature (blue) increases energy, mood and vitality throughout the day. Whereas the warmer colors which help stimulate the production of melatonin in the body,…

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#SUMMERBREEZE19 Thinking of a way to stay cool this summer? Come check out our Fan Sale and use the code #SUMMERBREEZE19 and receive 25% off all fans throughout June. I know fans have a bad reputation for not being the most attractive way to illuminate a room, but they have always provided exceptional comfort. Fans have come a loooooooong way. We have a wide range of fans to choose from. Traditional, Coastal, Contemporary Modern, Farmhouse Modern, Mid-Century Modern, etc. You…

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Father’s Day 2019

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With Father’s Day around the corner, we have put together a little gift guide to celebrate the men in your life. For the Tech Junky For the “techy” in your life, we have the radiant wireless phone charger. This is a perfect gift to keep the clutter of cords at bay while effectively providing safe wireless charging for all Qi compatible devices. It is fact but also does not close off any other plug in options. it still has two…

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LED | Feeding Our Future

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LED and Hydroponics We are all very well aware that our world climate is changing rapidly and we have mankind to thank for that. Global warming is closer than ever before and it is very clear that we need to see immediate change. Doing our part, Canada is pledging to leave 17-20% of its land dedicated to green space. Unfortunately, this is not enough. Our shrinking green space coupled with an increasingly popular plant-based diet drives us in need of…

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Lighting Trends 2019

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Okay everyone, here are the top (10) lighting trends of 2019. It is difficult to narrow it down, but here we go. Matte Black is becoming all the rage and white powder-coated metals are wildly popular as well (shocker to hear that white is popular, I know). Brass (real brass that is, not your grandmother’s -or grandfather’s- outdated polished brass) is still a front-runner. Minimalist designs are still very popular. However, some hot trends that we are seeing this year…

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