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May 2019

LED | Feeding Our Future

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LED and Hydroponics We are all very well aware that our world climate is changing rapidly and we have mankind to thank for that. Global warming is closer than ever before and it is very clear that we need to see immediate change. Doing our part, Canada is pledging to leave 17-20% of its land dedicated to green space. Unfortunately, this is not enough. Our shrinking green space coupled with an increasingly popular plant-based diet drives us in need of…

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Lighting Trends 2019

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Okay everyone, here are the top (10) lighting trends of 2019. It is difficult to narrow it down, but here we go. Matte Black is becoming all the rage and white powder-coated metals are wildly popular as well (shocker to hear that white is popular, I know). Brass (real brass that is, not your grandmother’s -or grandfather’s- outdated polished brass) is still a front-runner. Minimalist designs are still very popular. However, some hot trends that we are seeing this year…

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Jeans Day 2019

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BCCHF Jeans Day In Support of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, we participated in Jeans Day. Every year we choose to participate as it stands for such an incredible cause. BC Children’s Hospital Foundation started Jeans Day in 1990 and since then, has raised over $21 million. The history of BC Children’s Hospital is extensive. What they have done in such a “short” period of time is remarkable. No wonder it is the leader in Children’s health care across North America,…

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